Edgar Schmitz

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Some of Edgar Schmitz' works show as clusters and others work as components. They can all be sorted by name or by colour or by how loud they are. More information is here.

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Edgar Schmitz is an artist who produces escapist backdrops from film, sculpture, animation and writing. His work is concerned with developing modes of withdrawal from the given terms of the present, and he often collaborates with protagonists, settings and matter of all sorts, to animate the infrastructures he works within to the point where they start providing the raw material for speculative cinematic versions of the near future.

His work was part of A.C.A.D.E.M.Y (Vanabbemuseum 2006), No Soul for Sale (Tate Modern, 2010), British Art Show 7 (Hayward Touring, 2010/11) a.o., and has been presented in solo exhibitions at ICA, London (with Liam Gillick, 2006), FormContent (London, 2010), Cooper Gallery (Dundee, 2012) and Himalayas Art Museum (Shanghai, 2015). His Hubs and Fictions book (with Sophia Hao) was published by Sternberg Press in 2016. He is currently working on Alovestorysomewherearound2046 (with Pieternel Vermoortel), Choreographic (with Mårten Spångberg), Animate Assembly (with Esther Leslie and Verina Gfader) and Imminent Futures (with Sophia Hao).

Schmitz was Associate Researcher 2017 at Netwerk Aalst, and is their Shadow Artist for 2017-19.